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Hockessin, Delaware area is one of the unique places in New Castle County whose residents desire and are working to balance their rich history with the demands of contemporary development and modern transportation. Being non-incorporated, the area does not have the benefit of a professional staff which sets land use polices for their residents. However, the Hockessin area is recognized in the New Castle County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan as a community with a unique character. A Hometown overlay is proving to be a success in providing the community with a direct role in determining the design of new development and redevelopment. Residents and property owners work together to develop a plan for the community and design guidelines that preserve and enhance the distinctive character on the non-incorporated community.

Hockessin is bound by three State highways providing thruways to downtown Wilmington, Delaware that impact our historic presence. However, recognizing that the area has unique neighborhood and regional development potential, there are many community organizations of various sizes that are active in enhancing the areas Sense of Place. It is acknowledged that by increasing the interaction between all of these organizations it will add to the areas social capital and result in an enhanced planning effort. Therefore, the Hockessin Planning Partnership (HPP) has been established to develop bridges between the many diverse groups working to plan, promote and guide revitalization of Hockessin's commercial districts while assisting in strengthening its neighborhoods via economic redevelopment initiative launched by NCC in 2006.

The Hockessin Planning Partnership Website is intended to aid in the communications process and recognize the achievements of the HPP and turning a community shared vision and principles for the Hockessin area into reality. Please review our site and consider becoming an active partner in the Hockessin Area Partnership. Partnership.

Hockessin Planning Partnership Initial Meeting June 13, 2007 @ Hockessin Memorial Hall  

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Thank you Representative Hudson for you Lancaster Pike Landscaping initiatives (Median Trees and shrubs.) Thank you Councilman Tansey for landscaping the Welcome to Hockessin Village signs. Your proactive support contributes significantly to Hockessin's sense of place.

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